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When I met Mr. Smalls I had been ripped off by the Orange County Weight Bobby Corrado who never showed up to court but once in 6 months and had told me to take a 6 year state prison term for a verbal argument I had been in with a neighbor. Long story short when I hired Mr. Smalls, he was instantly a force in the courtroom who very efficiently brought the evidence and witness info into play and not only got me out of jail immediately without state prison time, but also my only sentence was anger management. All of this without going to trial and without financial ruin. I thought all attorneys were just in it for the money, but Mr. Smalls, was definitely invested in me and did not stop until I was happy-


Mr. Smalls is by far the best attorney I have had the pleasure of working with. He is understanding and Compassionate. He takes his time and supports all his clients' needs. He will fight for you under any circumstance. I have never had such a great experience with a lawyer. If you are looking for an exceptional attorney... hire him.


I highly recommend Derrick Smalls as a very professional and qualified attorney to deal with rather difficult legal situations. He is sensitive and attentive to your problems and the stress level is lowered knowing he is taking care of your legal issues. He's very easy to talk to. Derrick Smalls is definitely someone I would recommend to anyone needing legal help.

Darrell Jr.

Great Attorney! He defended me in a criminal case! He defended my case as if he were defending his own son! I was facing 70 years to life years, Derrick got the sentence reduced to 15 years! I highly recommend Derrick Smalls! He kept me well informed about my case and he came to court well prepared. He has been available for all of my questions and concerns. I appreciate Derrick's attention and dedication to my case. He is honest, fair and involved. I don't know what I would have done with out his help. Thank you Mr. Smalls! Derrick Smalls is an awesome attorney!


Derrick is a great attorney who fought for me beyond expectations. He went above and beyond, and was always there to answer my phone calls, answer any questions, and always made me feel like things were going to be ok. He made me feel like he truly cared about getting my son back for me, and showed it with his work in and out of the court room. With his wonderful skills, we fought and won a ridiculous DV case, as well as an even more ridiculous Civil Harassment case. During the custody battle, he brought me and my baby boy back together with joint 50/50 custody and my son was only 6 months old. We won on every level, an amazing result considering how young he was. I highly recommend attorney Derrick Smalls


Derrick is an amazing lawyer. He really gets the job done. He goes in and fights for you. He communicates with his clients very well and. He takes control of the situation and keeps at it until he gets the right results.
Who we are & what we stand for
We are the best law firm in the region, led by a seasoned lawyer who loves his work. Derrick Smalls knows what it takes to build and present a solid and compelling case, and that’s exactly what he does. Vigorously and earnestly, Derrick Smalls will tackle the most complex challenge and pursue your goals with creativity and determination. With our office strategically located in Orange County California, we offer sophisticated legal representation to businesses and individuals from coast to coast. Our solicitors are the best in their fields, providing optimal solutions to our clients.
With the highest ethical standards and professionalism, the Smalls Law Firm seeks to zealously represent each client, while defending the principles of the Constitution of the United States Of America.
How We Can Help


Did You Make the Mistake of Drinking and Driving?  Let Derrick go to work For You. Don't let one mistake ruin your life.

Domestic Violence

Violence is serious especially in families, and Derrick Smalls will help you protect your rights.

Drug Possession

Worried about drug charges? You need a strong defense and Derrick Smalls is your man.

Theft Crimes

Accused of Theft? You  want Derrick Smalls working for you. He is strong, honest and compassionate.

Sex Crimes

The sensitive nature of sex crimes requires an experienced criminal defense attorney. Let Derrick Smalls  defend you . 


Accused of assault? You need a strong defense. Let Derrick Smalls fight for you. Honest, Tenacious and Compassionate


A murder case can ruin your life. Get the best defense attorney in Orange County on your side. Hire Derrick Smalls now.

Other Crimes

Accused of a crime not listed here? Derrick Smalls can help with these issues as well. Just ask some of our satisfied clients.
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